3 Tips For Affordable Car Insurance

Sherri Ramos

The amount you pay for car insurance is affected by a wide range of factors including your age, vehicle type, and driving record. Even if all of these factors are in your favor, the amount you are paying for your car insurance could still be higher than you would like. Here are a few tips that can help you get the best possible rate on your car insurance.

Become a Discount Hunter

When you purchase a car insurance plan, you may find that some discounts have automatically been added to your account. Some examples include discounts for your age bracket and built-in features such as airbags or anti-lock brakes. However, it is important to remember that your insurance company may have additional discounts that could apply to you based on your lifestyle and driving habits.

If you drive fewer miles per year in your insured vehicle than the average driver, there is a good chance that your insurer will be willing to lower your rate. According to dmv.org, low mileage caps for car insurance typically fall between 7,500 and 15,000 miles per year depending on your insurer. You can also find out if your insurance provider offers a monitoring device that can be installed in your vehicle. These devices analyze your driving habits to determine if you qualify for safe driver discounts.

In some cases, you may be able to receive car insurance discounts for other aspects of your life that aren't directly related to driving. Young drivers may be able to receive good student discounts if they maintain good grades in school. Some companies provide discounts for eco-friendly customers who choose to sign up for paperless billing.

Store Your Vehicle Securely

Insurance providers are interested in the safety of your vehicle because it decreases the chances that they will have to pay out for an insurance claim. This includes your vehicle's safety both on the road and while it is parked. Because of this, you will often see lower car insurance rates if your insurer knows that your vehicle is stored securely when it is not in use.

The best way to keep your vehicle safe while it is parked is to park it in a garage. Your care will be much safer if it is in a locked garage than if it is parked in an open driveway. As an added security measure, you can consider installing an anti-theft lock bar on your vehicle's steering wheel when it is not in use. These measures will significantly reduce the chances of vehicle theft and help to drive down your insurance rate.

Look for Vehicle Safety Features

The safety features that are installed in your vehicle can be as important to your car insurance rate as the type of vehicle you drive. Theft-deterrent alarm systems can be added to any vehicle, making them an excellent option to both increase the security of your vehicle and lower your insurance rate. Other safety features that can net you discounts include rear view cameras and sensors that will sound an alarm or stop the vehicle if you are about to collide with something while backing up.

In addition to installable options, there are some built-in safety features that insurers may provide discounts for. Daytime running lights, blind spot detection systems, and tire pressure monitors are just a few examples. Even if these features increase the initial cost of your vehicle, you can see a return on your investment with lower insurance rates when you buy a new car that includes them.

Keep these tips in mind so you can take advantage of all possible discounts that your auto insurance company offers. For more information on what auto insurance discounts are available, contact a company like Hamsher Insurance.