Protecting Your Car In A High Theft Area

Sherri Ramos

Even when you live in an area that is prone to theft, keeping your car safe isn't just a numbers game. While crime may seem random, there are things you can do to make yourself less of a target to car thieves. Here are some questions you can ask to evaluate your security.

What Does Your Garage Look Like?

Garages play an important role in warding off car theft. The car will sit vacant there while you're sleeping or away from home. So what does a great garage even look like? First of all, it has a strong, metal garage door with a reinforced frame. It has a high security lock system, preferably with electronic access. It also has few windows, if any; the windows should be placed high enough up so that burglars can't see into the garage.

How Is Your Car Equipped to Ward Off Theft?

Talk to your auto repair shop about upgrades you can make to prevent theft. A big one is having an anti-theft device installed. But you would also do well to get a steering wheel lock; even if someone breaks into the vehicle, they won't be able to maneuver the car without your key to the steering wheel.

Do You Have the Right Insurance?

Since not all thefts can be prevented, you'll want to make sure you have great auto insurance if you live in an area where a lot of thefts are happening. Comprehensive auto insurance is what will protect you from break-ins. See if you can get coverage that has no deductible for auto glass replacement; if someone decides to bust in the window and does nothing else, you don't want to be left with a $200 repair bill that's too low for your insurance to cover.

Your home insurance also matters. If someone breaks into your garage to try and steal the car, damage to your home's structure and your property can be covered by home insurance. And your home insurance is also what will cover any items stolen from inside the car, whether it's on your property or not.

Don't Leave Anything Visible

Finally, be smart about leaving items visible in your car when you're out in your neighborhood. It's happened before where someone broke into a vehicle for the few quarters left in the cup holder. No item is too small for consideration. Don't tempt a car prowler by leaving a bag visible; even if you know it's empty, someone might break in just to see what's inside the bag. Aside from that, parking in well-lit and well-populated parking lots as much as possible will help reduce your chances of something happening to your vehicle.

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