Have House Damage Your Insurance Company Is Avoiding Paying? Get A Loss Consultant And Lawyer Fast

Sherri Ramos

If damages to your home from weathering have gotten so expensive that you can't afford to do the repairs, and your home is now at the risk of more damage, and your contractor thinks your damages should be covered, hire an expert. If the insurance claims adjuster that handles your account was at your house for a few minutes and determined that the damages weren't covered, but you have gone over your policy and you think that they should be, you want to hire an insurance loss consultant.

The insurance companies want to make money, not pay out claims, so you want to make sure that your company isn't trying to get out of paying what they owe. Do the following things to get your case started.

Bring Your Policy

Have a printed copy of your recent policy, and the policy that you signed when you purchased the house. Your lawyer will want to go over these details to see if the type of problem you have is covered, if there are flaws or unclear language in the policy, and if the insurance company is trying to do anything that is illegal by the laws of the state. You should be able to obtain this easily online.

Get Contractor Reports

Have more than one contractor come to your home to diagnose the problem that you have. The contractors should provide reports stating what they think caused the damage, if it was a structural problem or property owner neglect, and what the cost will be to fix the problems. There should be estimates for the work that needs done to restore the value of the home.

Have Pictures of the Damages

Make sure that there are pictures of the damages so that the lawyer can see the flaws, the damaged materials inside and outside of the home, and what condition the property is in. The pictures from the time when the damaged was the worst, will be the most important.


If you have already had to pay out of pocket to have things done to the home so you can stay living in it, or because of safety reasons, then you want to save all of these receipts and have them for your lawyer and the insurance loss consultant. The insurance loss consultant will refile these when trying to get your claim approved.

If you are in dire need of getting your house fixed and you think your insurance company is trying to get out of paying, find an insurance loss adjuster to help you get your money. A lawyer may also be needed to show the insurance company you are serious.