What You Need To Know About Semitruck Insurance

Sherri Ramos

Operating a semitruck can be a very rewarding career. Both independent drives and fleet operators know, however, that there are many risks that come with the job. Commercial truck insurance is absolutely essential, regardless of the size of your operation. Before you go hunting for semitruck insurance, though, you should think about the coverage you'll receive.

Public Liability Insurance

Far and away, one of the biggest reasons to invest in trucker insurance is the risk that harm may come to a member of the public. There's always the concern that even the best operator on the planet might end up being found at fault for the injuries others may suffer in an accident. Not only does public liability insurance offer you greater peace of mind about those who might be injured, but it also allows you to rest easy knowing your legal exposure is reduced.

Cargo Coverage

A lot of things can go wrong with freight in transit. Products can be stolen, the trailer can become compromised and let the elements in, a refrigeration system might break down, or items may just get loose and be smashed.

When having a policy drafted, you should consider whether a broad form policy is to your advantage. If the policy is drafted to cover specific goods or situations, you may be caught off guard. While you don't want to pay for more insurance than you truly need, it's wise to anticipate every possible scenario.

Trailer Interchange Issues

It's not uncommon for drivers to hook their rigs up to trailers that they, their bosses, or their customers don't own. Damage can occur during this process, and it's prudent to get a commercial truck insurance plan that covers the attachment and exchange of trailers.


There are going to be times when you operate your vehicle without a trailer and potentially while not even on the job. From returning home at the end of a job to taking the rig to a mechanic for inspections and repairs, there are scenarios where an incident might occur in a situation where you're not currently considered a commercial operator.

Asking About Discounts

Providing evidence of training and experience should entitle you to some kind of a discount. The range you operate your vehicle at may also play a role, especially if you're not dealing with over-the-road trucking. Ask for discounts and be prepared to talk with several insurance carriers.

Reach out to an insurance agency that offers semitruck insurance to learn more.