Need To Cut Back On Your Auto Insurance Costs? Try These 3 Things

Sherri Ramos

Are you looking into getting a new car but shocked to see how much your insurance premiums will be? If so, you're likely looking into ways that you can save money on this very important expenses. Here are things that you can do to reduce your premium costs.

Reduce Your Mileage

One large factor that determines your insurance premiums is how many miles you drive per year. As you may assume, the more miles you drive puts you at a greater risk of getting into an accident, so you are viewed as a higher risk to the insurance company. Anything that you can do to cut back on your mileage is going to reduce your insurance premiums as a result.

For example, avoid taking a road trip for your next vacation and try taking a train instead. Consider carpooling with a coworker to get to work, which can cut your car use in half if you trade off every other day. Public transportation can also completely eliminate your mileage to get to work and be better for the environment.

Enroll In A Safe Driving Program

It's becoming more common for insurance companies to offer safe driving programs that will reduce premiums based on your driving behavior. It works by putting a small beacon in your car that communicates with your smartphone, and it uses an accelerometer to track all types of driving behavior. How fast you accelerate, brake, and turn are all factored into your driving score, as well as what times that you drive your vehicle, with night driving being riskier than day driving. If you feel you are a safe driver, consider enrolling in a safe driving program to see some big savings.

Combine Multiple Policies

An easy way to save money is by combining all of your insurance policies with the same insurance provider. Many insurance providers offer insurance for homeowners, vehicles, renters, and pets. It's even possible that you can do banking or buy life insurance from them as well. By having all these products provided by the same company, you could see significant savings that you would not see if getting them from separate companies.

These are just a few ways that you can save money on those insurance premiums. For more tips on what you can do, be sure to reach out to a local insurance company, such as Insure With U.S., for assistance. You may be surprised at the discounts that they will offer you if you just ask.