• Why Your Car Insurance Costs Are Going Up

    13 February 2015

    Even if you are a faithful customer and a good driver, you will experience times when your insurance rates increase. Even though you have to drive with insurance, you will probably wonder why on Earth you've been "penalized". In reality, rising rates are not a punishment. Rates always go up for a reason, including the following: 1. You've gotten a new car. If you've traded you old car for a worthier set of wheels, you insurance will also reflect the new value of your ride.

  • Store And Protect Your Boat Off Season

    11 December 2014

    Most boat owners dread the day they have to place their boat in storage for the season. This means  the long days of summer have fallen by the wayside, and long days at the lake or the beach are gone. If you are a new boat owner, you may still be trying to figure out where to store your boat, but unfortunately storage is just the first step. Taking these basic steps will ensure you have many more successful boating seasons to come.

  • Does Auto Insurance Cover Pet Injuries From Car Accidents?

    1 December 2014

    Pet owners are often very attached to their pets, and many people even bring their dogs along with them for car rides on a regular basis. If you do this regularly, you may want to look into your auto insurance policy to determine if it covers injuries to your pet while it is with you in the car. There are many auto insurance plans that do cover pet injuries, and here are four things you should know about this.