• Keys To Small Businesses Choosing The Right Health Insurance Options For Employees

    14 October 2022

    If you have a small business, one of the best things you can do for your employees from a value standpoint is offer quality health insurance. There are a lot of policies available, but you'll be in a great position to make the right selection if you take these actions. Find a Plan That Provides Optimal Coverage In order to make employees feel great about the health insurance options they have access to by working for your small business, you want to go out and find a plan with optimal coverage from the beginning.

  • Should You Have A Vehicle Personal Injury Protection Plan? 4 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

    23 August 2022

    Personal Injury protection is probably one of the most common policies that you need to protect yourself from costly medical expenses that result from injuries sustained during a car crash. In many states, PIP is a mandatory requirement. However, some states don't require you to have it. If you live in a state that doesn't require PIP, you could ask yourself if you should apply for it. Here are important questions you should ask yourself before making your decision.

  • 3 Car Insurance Myths Debunked

    13 July 2022

    If you have mentioned to your friends or family that you are considering getting car insurance, you have probably received a lot of different advice. You have been provided with a list of facts, dos and don'ts, and the best and worst insurance policies. Advice is good, but without the facts, it can be misleading. Today, you debunk myths on car insurance to help you purchase the right car insurance. You Don't Need to Buy Insurance for an Old or Second-Hand Car 

  • When To Switch To Another Car Insurance Company

    6 June 2022

    As a car owner, you should be careful about your choice of an insurance company. Some factors you should factor in your selection include your financial status, risk factors, coverage, and the insurance company's terms. Here are some justifications for switching to another car insurance. Change in Circumstances Married people often pay less for car insurance policies than single people. Therefore, if you recently got married, consider switching to another car insurance.

  • 4 Important Tips When Shopping For Worker's Compensation Insurance

    27 April 2022

    When you are shopping for a worker's compensation insurance policy, you want to ensure that you get coverage that satisfies the state requirements, and that you get coverage that fits your budget and personal business needs. This is something that you are required to carry as an employer in most states. When looking for a worker's compensation insurance carrier, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Trade Associations Discounts